If you are going to get into affiliate marketing then it seems obvious to look for the best possible commission on a sale and hopefully at the same time maximizing the return on the effort you place in the promotion.

However, it is important to think through this strategy. Yes, if you get it right you can end up making a considerable amount of money very quickly. If, though you end up promoting the wrong offer it can provide poor , even zero returns.

Below we are going to look the various factors involved in successfully promoting a high ticket affiliate offer.

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Why Promote A High Ticket Offer?

We have already said because it is because the commission for a sale is greater but there is more to it than that.

Just thinking about the current sale that you might generate is a little short sighted. If you get it right you can actually locate and build a list of people who are prepared to pay large sums of money for a product.

What is a High Ticket Affiliate Offer?

The first thing to do is to establish what a high ticket offer is. In many respects the answer is relative to your point of view. If you are used to promoting $37 offers a $997 offer is going to appear ‘high ticket’. However, if you are used to promoting $297-497 offers then $997 might not seem that high ticket. Indeed there are plenty of offers out there that run to several thousand dollars.

The problem of promoting offers in the thousands of dollar range is that you have a very limited target audience, It is usually an audience that has ‘moved up the ladder’ in a particular niche and therefore is very well qualified.

Thus, if you are looking for the best success and likely return for your time then we will be concentrating on offers in the $500-$1,000 range. As we shall see below, success with these will push you into the mega ticket offers.

The Science Behind Promoting High Ticket Affiliate Offer

It is important to lay thew groundwork properly when attempting to promote a high ticket offer.

Doing the math

Deciding a niche and the method of promotion is the first task at hand.

Choosing the right offer

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After you have done the groundwork it is time to look at choosing the correct offer to promote.