affiliate marketing using a blog

Affiliate Marketing Using A Blog

Affiliate marketing using a blog is one of the most common ways of generating affiliate income. If done right it can work well but if not it can be a real hard slog for little or no reward. The problem is that most marketers get it wrong before they even type their first words.

Affiliate Marketing Using a Blog the Right Way

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If you want an informative nicely written blog that looks good you are starting from the wrong place and whilst you very well may produce a wonderful blog, you are pretty unlikely to actually make some or any money from it.

The first thing that you must do is look how exactly you are going to make money from the blog. As this is an affiliate marketing post we are assuming affiliate marketing here. You now probably think, yep, I want to be in the dog training niche Ill look for something on Clickbank.


Ask yourself what are your goals. To make as much money as possible or to have a dog training site. You see dog training might not be the best niche to target. I’m sure you are saying wait a minute, there a millions of searches a day, but in reality it is a tough niche. You could create a brilliant blog and get little or no traffic!

Content Isn’t King, KEYWORDS Are!

Unless you have a lot of money to throw at a site to drive traffic, what will ultimately determine how well you do are keywords.

There will be a proper in depth article on keyword research so we wont go through the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how to do this properly. Save to say that pick the wrong key words or get wedded to the wrong niche and I’m sorry my friend, you are in for a hard slog to try and make it work.

What you should do is do broad keyword research. Look for high traffic, low competition keywords that have some form of intent. They many more of these out there than you could possibly imagine. Once you find a few then look to see if there are good affiliate products that you could shape the article to promote with the keyword. If there are, then you dig down into the relevant niche and see if you can find more so that you can create a group of articles.

Following this method gives you the best opportunity of driving organic traffic to the article. Traffic that, because of the keyword intent, are interested in the the article topic and are thus, to a certain extent, are pre-sold on what you tell them. This will hopefully entail a higher conversion rate for you.

Information Vs Sales Copy

You may read a lot about pillar article but there is no reason to put the affiliate product to are marketing on every blog post. There are always ways of working this in. In fact it is the main point of affiliate marketing using a blog.

Getting people to engage with your blog posts

People get distracted all the time. You might have great content but a meme just posted on Facebook, a message, an Instagram story can suddenly take their focus away. There is a good way to get them to refocus though. This can be done by taking over the tab that your page is displayed on in their browser. 

Using a sit called ReboundTab you can generate a neat piece of code that allows to to do just that. You can change the tab title, make it pulse, send an audible alert and even redirect the page if the use clicks on the tab. This is a great way to get the user re-engage in your post. You take back control of the users focus

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